Comment on Zerodha - your tax aide while you trade

Rajiv Jamwal commented on 25 May 2015, 02:20 PM

Dear Nitin
Some queries on Taxation-
1. Dividends..Is it tax free for both traders and Investors?. I know investors dnt have to pay tax on dividends but how do we, traders, who have some long term holdings treat the dividend income?
2. If in one year you do some FNo/Cash trading and declare your self as Trader, Can you change your status in next year to an Investor( No trading in that year but just holding long term holdings)
3.My CA is fling my IT return -ITR-4 thru some software and just puts the profit or loss in trading and total Turn over and my capital gains. Where one has to put this purchase and sale? And for what purpose this Purchase and sale calculation is required. CA says there is no column for putting Purchase and Sales figures in the ITR-4

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