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RH0650 commented on 23 May 2015, 10:40 PM

Hi Nithin,

I have recently opened an account with Zerodha. Just needed to clarify a few points before I start trading.

Can stocks other than the 236 listed here ( also be traded using the MIS product? If yes, I understand there would no leverage provided on these. Also can we short sell any stock (236 and others) using the MIS product?

Also, if I want to buy a stock and sell it the very next trading day, please confirm if this would be possible using the CNC option.

Based on one of the conversations above, I understand that we can trade intraday using the CNC option with the charges levied applicable to an intraday transaction. So, the advantage of the MIS option is mainly to provide leverage on the 236 stocks listed here ( Is my understanding correct?

Best regards,

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