Comment on EA's for auto buy/sell signals - Pi

dd0847 commented on 22 May 2015, 09:20 PM

hi nitin,
1st time saw a glimpse of pi; though seemed flashy and easy to use, I was unable to access several very basic components;
1. is DEMA(double EMA), TEMA(triple EMA) provided in the backend? If no, is it possible for me to edit the library and compile it with my own extended set of formulas?
2. When I ‘Apply exper advisor’ with ‘MACD histogram’ as the choice, no buy/sell indicators of any kind like arrow is present;(I am trying to see how things work at the end of day after market hours)
please help

does login to zconnet, tradingQ&A all different?so many logins and so many passwords…. sigh.. :((((

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