Comment on Zerodha - your tax aide while you trade

MOHAMMED FADIL commented on 21 May 2015, 11:39 PM

Hi Nithin
Finally I got Zerodha PI in my hand thank for your new innovation
when i use it i feel some difficult in some setting used in PI compare with some top charting softwares
i have some suggestion in my view in order to make it easy
1) while opening chart there is no hand tool (through mouse pointer) fot srolling chart from left to right in PI only arrows key and mouse wheel for scrolling (slow scrolling)
2)Cross hair tool is missing in PI
3)change time frame option not available in chart top
4) Line chart is missing
5) when we apply 2 or more indicator difficult to remove one indicator plse add a dialog box for removal selection
6) if add pivot line support and resistance lines to chart it will helpfull for traders
All of above problem is faced by me when i use PI for first time its my view final decision is yours
if make little bit changes in settings mentioned above it will be very help full to all traders

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