Comment on Code your Technical Analysis strategy

Trade_Upaghupta commented on 28 Sep 2013, 05:31 PM

I had a previous post without an answer, i guess because i may have not expressed myself very well. Anyway, if you can help me with that i will very much appreciate. I have read previous posts on this blog and found something similar to what i want to do. The i saw here is Close>EMA(HIGH,40) AND EMA(HIGH,40)-CLOSE<2. If i understood it well, in this code, the buy entry will happend when the difference between the EMA (HIGH,40) and the last closing price is no greater than 2 points. I want to do something similar, but im not sure on how to write the code. I want to buy when the price of the last candle touches the EMA (CLOSE,17) and the current candle open with no more than 10 points of difference to the EMA (CLOSE,17). Also, i would like to sell when the price pierces the upper bollinger band. Please, could you kindly help me?


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