Comment on Business Line: Zerodha working on trading platform with charting software

Ritwik commented on 20 May 2015, 01:18 AM

Hi Nikhil, I just came over to Zerodha from HDFC securities and eventhough I haven’t gotten my hands onto Pi yet (the frickin 48 hrs wait -_-), I saw the videos on youtube and it got me excited as hell.

However, like most people I have a day job (software developer) and I cannot use Pi all the time. My most frequent way of trading is through the mobile app and I must say, Zerodha needs a overhaul of its mobile app. The current one simply does not cut it. Of course, you already know this! So I wanted to ask if you guys have any plans to launch a new modern mobile app anytime soon?!

Awaiting a response from you on this one!

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