Comment on EA's for auto buy/sell signals - Pi

Honest krishna commented on 16 May 2015, 01:07 PM

Can you generate best trade signals out of using many of these proven strategies and send to the terminal of clients as buy or sell orders with defined risk ratios. You can provide a option to pre select risk (quantity) of different levels and upon selecting the same, quantity should auto appear in the order. It should generate by default bracket order. It should be for top 200 cash liquid stocks, liquid futures,highly traded options, Nifty and nifty options also.
We believe any recommendation with certain degree of faith, and we have full faith in you systems. This will provide lot of comfort for the clients. You should build expert team to get best trades using all these. For clients who are not pro in technical this will be like heaven. And also no need for clients to invest in costly hardware.

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