Comment on Zerodha - Margin Policies

vinayak commented on 13 May 2015, 12:24 AM

Dear Nithin

thanks but I guess it is not fully clear, perhaps because I didn’t ask the right question. Allow me to ask with a hypothetical example:

Let’s say I have Axis Bank stocks worth roughly 1lacs pledged and as a result have a margin of about Rs 70k (after haircut; I’m not sure the haricut is 30% but let’s assume for the moment that’s the case) Now let’s say I use this margin plus a little cash and buy futures to keep overnight. Next day markets cracks down and I have heavy losses – so much so that the cash isn’t enough to cover MTM losses.

Can I then send email (or phone) instructions to zerodha to unpledge+sell immediately and cover the losses?

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