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Venkat_V commented on 19 Sep 2013, 04:13 PM

Dear Nitin,

Is it possible to put a cover order (AMO Type) from z5 web based terminal….
e.g. say i have a AXIS Bank Fut 1 lot at 1000…… on the next day i do not know how the market goes…. so i want to punch and AMO order…where if on next day if AXIS bank fut order goes above 1100 then sell it.. or by any chance value goes less than 950 then as well sell it.with 50 points loss…

here i wanted to do is, once by sell order get executed at 1100 i want my second order of 950 to be cancelled automatically….or other way vice versa….to avoid repeat selling.

a. how can i acheive this without any manual intervention.

b. is that can i punch an AMO order for this.

c. can i able to do it in Zerodha Z5 webbased termnal.

awaiting for your reply


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