Comment on Market Watch & Trading Screen

ManishAstral commented on 11 May 2015, 07:44 PM

I’m getting quite fond of Pi as its very neat and elegant. But there are some issues which i would like to mention, and i believe they have been also asked above.

1. Add an extra column in Market Watch which shows the candle for the current day using the open, high, low and LTP prices for that day.

2. Daily charts doesn’t work properly as it doesn’t allow zooming, panning, or scrolling on any sides, the number of candles doesn’t seem to affect it . Also using 8 interval hours chart crashed Pi randomly.

3. Daily charts should also show the current trading prices instead of the price from the last trading day, and if possible get updated realtime.

4. Add the ability to view Weekly, Monthly, Yearly charts.

5. In Stochastics Indicator , there should be an option to change the OB and OS level and also the colors and thickness of the K and D line.

6. Very important , add a crosshair and put all the values in one corner of that specific screen or frame. This helps a lot as the prices can be quickly viewed by moving the crosshair instead of holding down the mouse and then hovering it on each candles. Putting the values in one corner also makes it very neat.

7. Add an option to put the volume right in the bottom of the price frame instead of showing it in a separate frame.

8. Ability to create multiple market watch screens. Instead of only 1 thats available by default.

9. Ability to highlight stocks manually in the market watch screen, by using colors, bolder fonts, or maybe even a sticky tooltip that just reads “IMP” or “HOT” etc.

Apart from the above issues, Pi is already becoming an ideal tool to trade, and is very adorable. Thanks to Zerodha for their effort in giving this modern tool in the hands of the traders.

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