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Arun Kumar commented on 09 May 2015, 09:35 AM

Hi Nithin,
Firstly, big thanks for changing the landscape of Indian broking industry with Zerodha. You shattered even the big players.

I have installed Pi in my Windows 8 Laptop and have been working with it for some time. Overall it performs good, look & feel is excellent. But when it comes to back testing, sorry to say Pi is not up to the mark. The UI and usability of Zerodha Trader (Nest Pulse) Back testing was excellent, I miss that ease of use in Pi. Let me put it point by point.

1. In Pi, the trade symbol needs to be entered manually for back testing- which is painful. Like in ZT, just load the chart, right click to back test, was much easy.
2. Saving the Back-testing script as template/profile. Tried saving a basic one line RSI script like BUY = RSI(CLOSE,14)<25. Got an error "Enter Details in correct format"-attached screenshot. In ZT, it was very simple to create and save a rule and apply that rule to any stock/index-very user friendly.
3. This problem is with charting – may be specific problem to my case- in my laptop individual stock chart is not loading (attached screenshot).

I appreciate your dream to make Pi as ultimate trading platform; but until Pi matures to a benchmark standard, I request you to still provide all the features in ZT as well. At present back testing feature is NOT available with ZT, please consider giving back the back-test feature in ZT.

Arun Kumar

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