Comment on Zerodha - Margin Policies

Gyan commented on 14 Sep 2013, 04:22 PM

Dear Team

Does margin required for future trading depends upon whether i buy or sell future? e.g. if margin required for buying nifty 1 lot is INR 25000,will it be same for selling 1 lot of nifty future?Ifnot,from where I can find that one? In margin policy, it has been stated that
Once bought as NRML, you can hold the contract till the end of expiry as long as you meet the MTM obligations on a daily basis.
I have sold 1 lot of Mcleord Russel. If i check span margin excel, itsays margin required(not sure buy/sell) is 34685. Now If i check my open position at end of day, it has got 2 columns which is confusing me – clos. Price(13945.95) and MTM value (-13683450.000)
Total MTM value in this report is coming out to be -65671892(i do have other SELLS future also). SO I should infer from this big amount?


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