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Souravdddd commented on 14 Sep 2013, 11:08 AM

Hi, I want to know how to execute the following scenario.
I want to buy delivery of 100 shares of a stock XYZ that is currently trading at Rs 200 and I have a horizon of 3-4 months within which I stock is expected to reach Rs. 250. I also want to put a stop loss of 180 on the stock for the entire period.

So I want to

1. Buy the reqd no of stocks at CMP.
2. Put a stop loss of Rs.180 on the procured stocks.
2. Sell the stocks as soon as the price touches 250.

A detailed explanation of doing this would help. Also, are any of these stop loss or sell commands continue until they are executed or do I have to give these commands everyday because that would be tedious giving the same commands everyday for 3-4 months or longer till target is achieved.

Sorry for the basic queries. I am a new investor.

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