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Zerartrades commented on 13 Sep 2013, 07:25 AM

Dear Abrar & Arcus,

I can share you my views on the write up about Bharadwaj.

This one line by Bhardwaj says it all ” I tend to keep it very simple: trade 1 stock at a time with maximum leverage allowed on my trading account.”

With a 50,000 capital if cover trades are taken, one can take trades above 5 lakhs on intraday basis.(correct me zerodha if i am wrong in quoting figures). So a 1 -2 % gain in intraday of Rs.500000 comes to 5000 – 10000.
Many of the traders must have earned more than that % return in a single day.

I do understand that Bhardwaj has a very good and simple trading logic but what i appreciate the most is his discipline to stick to his trading plan each and every hour of the trading day.

Kudos to Bhardwaj and to all traders who have the grit to hold on to a simple higher winning trade logic than loosing trade and repeat the discipline over and over again.

I highly appreciate Zerodha’s effort to bring such real inspiring acts of real trading hero’s to the trading community..

Thanks and Happy Trading.

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