Comment on Stop Loss orders - Limit/Market

Vikas commented on 28 Apr 2015, 09:07 AM

Hi Parvish,

First of all – if you sell future at 100 with intention that price will go down to 90.
then just put NRML buy order only at 90. if price strikes 90 rate then your position would be squared intraday with profit. and if not then that order will be cancelled for that day.
but if move in other direction – then pts moved * lot ize will be deducted from your account that is called MTM loss.
yes next day – same story repeats untill you square off your position.
you can keep this future trade for that month i mean carry forward your trade without any issue till end of last thursday ie expiry day.
Regarding your morning trade and office – what i suggest is trade in morning via pc and watch in office via mobile. but that will not allow to concentrate in office work! so close your position before you leave for office.

Based on your question it seems that you are new in trading, what i suggest is future is very risky, it eats u all your capital in blink of eye. so what i suggest is first have dummy virtual trade for at least 6 mnths … keep journal of profit loss account. have some confidence then plunge in this financial jungle.
It is so tempting that in 1 sec only we can earn big amont but opposite is true as well.

have discipline in trading and become consistent that is only mantra for success.
Best luck.

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