Comment on Stop Loss orders - Limit/Market

PARVISH commented on 27 Apr 2015, 11:54 PM

Hi Vikas
Thank you so much your reply I need some more details pls help me first of all I am private employee so unable to monitor stock market in full time also not possible intraday trade I have limited time only morning watch the stock trading up to 10.30am so this this situation
EXAMPLE : morning 10.00 am I will short ABC future contract and select (NRML ) margin in my SELL price is 100 after I fully confident that price go down up to 90 in same day so I want to buy price at least when is going 95 TO 90 so how is possible on same day ? Please note I am not able to watch on live market full time so this situation which option I need to select means LIMIT ORDER or STOP LOSS or SL-M and how to put the above price?
Incase this price not reach after put the BUY order in above options it’s automatically cancel or not?
Also note already I have amount in my trading account Incase this price not reach Iam ready to pay MTM amount and I need continue next day. So how to do this pls help me

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