Comment on Open Interest, MaxPain & Put Call Ratio(PCR)

CA Ravi Khanal commented on 24 Apr 2015, 10:47 AM

Hello Nitin
I am new to zerodha and currently has not explored it much .. majorly due to non compatiblity of major of Z Applications on Mac. Even Z5 doesnt work fine due to java error. I have tried keeping it in exceptions list still out of 10 times 5 times it goes unresponsive. Rest ZT and Pi doesnt work at all on mac.
Anyways i wish if they were programmed keeping in view OS as well.

My query is related with max pain.. does zerodha has any link or tool where by this can be viewed on real time or eod basis. I have read above that comment was in 2013 whereby it was said to be in pipeline. Since i could explore it much .. wish to know if it is available.

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