Comment on Code your Technical Analysis strategy

Nithin Kamath commented on 02 Sep 2013, 05:48 AM

Can we put the previous close value in our strategy ,as you mentioned? OPEN < 5300 * 0.99 ,in 1 minute or 5 minute?

Ans: Yes

can we put our value ,if we want to buy if market opens above 5400 like this, OPEN > 5400 * 0.10,IN 1 min. or 5 min.

Ans: Yes

pls explain, how can I write my strategy,if I want to sell nifty future opens 5 points below 5400 on monday ?

Ans: CLOSE > 5395

And if I want to buy nifty future if opens 5 points above 5400 ? why sma 1 is not working and not getting backtest result?

Ans: CLOSE > 5405

SMA (CLOSE, 1) is the same as CLOSE; you’ll need more than 1 bar to compute an average.

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