Comment on Review us - July 17, 2013

SASIMENON commented on 31 Aug 2013, 08:40 PM

Dear Nithin,Bhai,

First of all I thank you for the efforts you have taken to to teach the traders,how to trade well.Moreover you are providing softwares like ALGOZ for better trading activities.
I am a zerodha trader for the last few months,so I wish to request you,to rectify the errors,we are facing to trade
1.Pls provide a phone no,of a technical person to call and discuss the different problems we are facing daily from to time.
2.Backtest results are not correct within your specific period you show inside the result window.
3.Many times even if there are 2 or 3 trades, results are showing as backtest errors on 5 min.charts.
4.When ever we shift one chart to other the new chart is not loading properly ,the last minute candle will show the up and down of the price but no new candle will come even if it is 1 minute chart
we expect more from you,as we traders are expecting a profit for living and not to become a crorepathi,otherwise we would be wasting our valuble time and hard earned money for no use.

So pls do the needful our saviour,

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