Comment on Code your Technical Analysis strategy

SASIMENON commented on 31 Aug 2013, 01:40 PM


All the Backtest results are wrong,then what is the use of it,whenever you give backtest result for a period,the result should include all the trades taken place,most of the times the result start in between.
For eg. if showing Backtested from 08/12/2013 to 08.30.2013,a specific period , software must show all the trades taken place from 12.08.13 to 30.08.13.But software is showing the trades from 20.08.13.does not give you the result of your strategy
when I enquired your people told me ,the result inclusive of 1 trade even,But I can show you no backtest result is getting even if there are 3-4 trades within your backtested period,this is a very serious problem ,
As long as this is a free software,we have to be satisfied,what you give,but we are putting the errors and problems,facing daily as zerodha traders.
If you dont want our suggestions ,we can stop comments.we hope, this to be the best error free,india ‘s No.1 software to trade,and all traders should make use of this.

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