Comment on Code your Technical Analysis strategy

Nithin Kamath commented on 29 Aug 2013, 05:55 AM

Part of this can be done, but you will have to put in the previous close value and the quantum by which gap up/ gap down occurs.

Taking forward the example,u can enter a condition like:

OPEN < 5300 * 0.99

(This will check if Nifty has opened 1% below the previous close, if yes, then buy or sell. “5300” we’re considering as the previous close, which u will have to change every day manually.)

While taking the strategy live, u can set a start time and an end time of 9:15 to 9:16, so that this condition won’t be checked after the first interval. Evaluate as tick should be checked and interval can be the minimum – 1 minute.
So for each scrip, u would have to create a separate strategy. u can keep the strategy name the same as the scrip name, so that there is no confusion while taking the strategy live.

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