Comment on Managing your Script

maverick commented on 23 Aug 2013, 03:10 PM


I have a query regarding one of the default script in NEST Pulse. If someone could just post that script here. It was named something like RELSTR and probably has combination of MACD, RSI and STS. It would be great if someone can post that script. I can utilize my weekend in a fruitful way. Sorry, I do not have much more information regarding this script then what I have already stated.

I would also like to share something regarding the issue that I experienced today. Till last night when I logged out from NEST Trader. All my script, both default as well as the one I tried creating were present in NEST Pulse >> My Strategy. Today when I opened the Zerodha terminal all my script vanished. I contacted NEST Pulse regarding that but was informed that it cannot be retrieved. They asked if I have updated anything. I didn’t updated anything. Everything was fine till last night and now its all gone. If they that its an issue, that is, if somehow if these scripts gets vanish (which seemed to me very likely from the customer care executive), then they should have atleast give us an option of local PC back up/restore. It would have certainly save lot time for customers.


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