Comment on SPAN Calculator

Banti commented on 21 Aug 2013, 04:25 PM

1) Just wanted to know whether there is change in Margin requirements for MCX? Earlier when I was trading in MCX it was showing 5% Span margin & 50% margin over that for MIS position e.g for close of SilverM (Close Price 50000) Span Margin was 5% (Rs12500) while for MIS I was needing (50% of 25000 ie 6250) but now days it requires more margin whether exchange has increased margin

2) Now Span Margin for SilverM is 10% as per closing price of SILVERM of 50478 Span margin file downloaded from back office shows Margin requirement 25239 whreas what if analysis for NRML position Buy at 50478 shows margin Requirement of 25897 while with same price of 50478 , MIS position shows 13273.50 how this difference
3) Presently for having MIS position how much % of margin is given by zerodha ( % of margin required wrt to NRML margin give Example)


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