Comment on NRI trading on Indian Stock Exchanges

Peeyush commented on 10 Apr 2015, 07:37 PM

Hi Nithin,

A wonderful initiative by Zerodha. I am a NRI based in Dubai and already have a 3 in 1 ( NRE/PIS Demat and trading ) account with HDFC bank. my questions are

1. Can I use that same PIS account to trade with Zerodha or I need a new PIS to trade with a different broker?
2. how is the workflow like ? If my money is in PIS and the Demat and trading account is with Zerodha so if I place an buy or sell order online the order amount automatically gets debited from the PIS or I need to transfer that amount manually beforehand?
3. what are the charges for the new PIS account with the banks and the charges for the Demat and trading account with Zerodha? are there any initial one time account opening charges and then annual charges later on? please elaborate about the same.
4. If we open the PIS with HDFC/Axis bank and then use Zerodha for demat and trading what are the total charges from Banks side and the brokerage from Zerodhas side. It will help if we can compare the all inclusive costs for a buy/sell order for Equity delivery.


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