Comment on Zerodha - Margin Policies

santhoshkumar commented on 07 Apr 2015, 09:42 PM

Hi Nithin,
First let me thank you for giving me this platform to gain the experience of genuine investors. Its a very big knowledge repository you have created here, which made me to learn trading. As I was only a long term investor till last month. I have noticed the point that ” it is advisable not to use MIS while buying options since all MIS positions would get squared off before the close of markets” in the above post which is very rare to hear from business point of view.

Thanks for that and I have noticed that the Windows application Zerodha Trader always have product type as NRML by default, whereas the mobile application ZerodhaMobile Trading has the default type as MIS. Which is considered to be a defect in the mobile platform, since mobile info is more prone to ignore because of the size. Could you please change the default type to NRML in the mobile platform as like in Windows application.
Since I had a successful 1st trade in windows application, but when I trade in mobile today I didnt notice this and ended up buying as MIS:(.
Attached the screenshot for reference.

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