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DD0231 commented on 16 Aug 2013, 09:02 AM

I am learner of AlgoZ Trading . Can anybody help me regarding this strategy.
I want to

1.>Sell 5 Lots of Nifty-5800-29-August-PE within 26th August at some predefined value say Rs.450.

2.> If (1.) executed within 26th August 3.10 p.m, Sell 6 Lots of Nifty-5500-29-August-PE @ Market price , just after (1.) executed.

3.> If (1.) and (2.) will not executed within that date @ 3.10 p.m , then SELL bot 5800-PE and 5500-PE ; at the market value of that day after 3.10 p.m

4.> After any of the (1,2,3) orders are executed then , within that money, I want buy some Lots of Nifty-5700-26-Sep-CE s , investing maximum Rs. 1,00,000 @ market value within 26th August 3.29 p.m.

Can anybody help me , what will be the script or commands , I will give ?

My email is [email protected]

With Regards…………
D. Pal

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