Comment on Stop Loss orders - Limit/Market

sharekumar commented on 13 Aug 2013, 04:25 AM


1. I was searching over the internet, that any broker in India provides Intraday Trading in almost all Scrip of BSE and NSE. And then I read in one forum where they are claiming that Ventura and Angel Broking provides this facility. Zerodha way ahead in many aspects from all brokers. You have to provide this facility to us. And you can provide us limited leverage or No leverage on less liquid scrips. It will read help us.

2. I was thinking, that is it possible to hold Intraday Position for more than One day whether it is Buy or Short Sell position without taking delivery of the Stocks. And then I found over the internet in one forum and they are claiming that this type of facility Sharekhan is provides and user can keep open their position for up to five days.

Now, You where wondering that why I want to keep open Intraday Position for more than One day.

You were well aware of Gitanjali Jems Stock. It’s keep falling but In reality We can not make profit from Short Selling of this stock, Because It goes everyday to it’s Lower Circuit price in Pre Opening Session of Market. So in this type of cases it will really help us.

If this facility is possible, Please provide us.

3. What is Pre Opening Session of Market ?. I mean, in 15 minute of Pre Opening Session there is lots of movements in stock prices. So who gets benefit of this price fluctuations.

4. I am basically trading during first 1-2 hour of market opening. because in this time there is much price movements. So is there any way that I can assume that price of any particular stock will up or down in next couple of minutes. and on that basis I can place my Buy or Short Sell position. I mean, by viewing Buying Quantity, Selling Quantity, or anything else.


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