Comment on Taxation Simplified

BKO commented on 09 Aug 2013, 11:28 AM

Dear Zerodha,

The Equity Account Analysis gives ALL buys during the financial year and ALL sells for the deliveries, however it doesn’t give the loss / profit for the sell transactions. For example :

i) I sold 5 Reliance shares during 2012-13 which I had purchased during 2011-12, the account analysis for 2012-13 does not give me the profit / loss incurred over the above mentioned sell transaction, it just shows the net sale price from the sale of 5 shares and 0 purchases (since it was purchased in previous year)

ii) Bought 10 Reliance shares in 2010-11, 5 in 2011-12, 15 in 2012-13. And Sold 5 in 2012-13. The Account Analysis for 2012-13 would show me 15 in buy side and 5 in sell side, so you simply get a net value from 15 shares bought and 5 shares sold in the report and not a profit or loss for the 5 sold shares and also as per FIFO, the profit/loss (which the report does not calculate) should be calculated from the purchase price from the 15 shares purchased in 2010-11.

So I had to calculate the profit/loss of ALL such transactions manually. Can you please let me know if such a P/L report is possible on Equity Delivery Sell transactions where full or part of the concerned purchase is in 1 or more previous financial years ?

Thanks and Regards,

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