Comment on User Settings - Pi

pi commented on 01 Apr 2015, 02:16 PM

Hi NK,

At the outset, i would definitely congratulate/thank the whole team for putting up a good trading platform. in my view, listed below advancements will make it a “to go for” platform.

Multiple Market Watch is a must.
Low/High price color Indicator(like Nest Trader) is certainly needed for I/D trader.
Font adjustments in all windows will be handy(Index,trade,admin etc).may be font increase/decrease icons at the left side panel?
Index watch could be listed(say, nifty,sensex,currency,crude,gold) in the Pi window alongwith user id/date/time. I do not think Pi version is very relevant on day-to-day basis.
Additionally an Horizontal Index watch with “field chooser” could be very useful.
the Chart bar after the menu bar is good, but it would be even good if u can move it inside the chart window(I will get to see one/two more scripts in MW). Or even better to include it in the left panel bar?(u have space there!)
Hide Menu bar/Status bar.
Connection&Order Status & Alert& messages window could be made as a “window” or hide option is preferable(like in Nest Trader)
Saving/exporting the layout and/or window cascade options would also a nice feature.

That said, BO availability or at least a clear hint on when this will be available will help people like me to migrate!

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