Comment on Market Watch & Trading Screen

Shubhangi Pavtekar commented on 01 Apr 2015, 10:49 AM

Hello Zerodha Team,

Would like to highlight 2 more points for improvement, Adding multiple frame actually wont help in terms of operation. please find below image where all other buttons do not shuffle as per screen or resolution.

IT become bit difficult to manage trade with congested screen since it do not auto adjust nor we have on screen modification functionality.

Adding additional point for on chart trade from previous comment, Need pre-fix setting for Buy, Sell, Stop loss and exit over chart. i.e. user should get setting option to define Buy at market at Limit, Sell at Market or Limit, Exit at Market or Limit and Stop loss at Market or Limit. Logically it make no sense to provide these options when some one is executing trade at best practices and predefined targets.

But these are more helpful when trading over 2 – 3 candles.. 🙂

Thanks in Advance…

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