Comment on Charting - Pi

AshishM commented on 31 Mar 2015, 07:46 PM

Have a few observations on Pi,

a) The font of the indicator value should be
– in bold for ease in viewing
– the value should be brought in front ie when the indicator & the value overlaps, the value presently is not visible
b) Cross hair for ease in checking values across the screen – price & all indicators displayed. When the crosshair is slided across the screen, the time, date, values of price & indicator preferably should be shown all placed together in a box. This would help in checking / evaluating data at different points of time
c) During trading hours, if the chart is scrolled left (ie historical), then as the chart gets refreshed with new data, the chart gets zoomed out and the scroll gets cancelled
d) As and when the chart is refreshed during trading hours, the level of zoom keeps on decreasing, which has to be reset again
e) Better option for scrolling than using just the arrow keys
f) Can saving the chart template also save the placement (width set) for the price and the indicators
g) The –ve sign in the indicator value is not easily deciphered. Would prefer the option, like in excel, of putting the value is –ve in brackets for ex
+2.34 would be displayed as 2.34
-2.34 would be displayed as (2.34)
h) If possible, can the indicator colour indicators which oscillate around “0”, be different when +ve vis-a-vis when –ve. The crossovers, trend would become easy to visibly scan
i) In the DMS indicator both the +Dx & -Dx are of same colour. Which makes it difficult to view and interpret
j) In the present layout of the chart, the values – price, indicator are spread all across the screen. It would be nice if they are collated on one side (in their respective panes) say left hand side. This would make scanning faster & easier
h) Vis-a-vis the full name of the indicator on the chart, an abbreviated form of the same can be used & the chart is for which script can be mentioned once on the top of the screen
i) The provision to enlarge only one indicator amongst the lot displayed on the screen would be nice
j) Presently there is no provision to change the stacking order of the indicator for display purpose on the screen
k) On the price bar, for the font selected “6” has got a slight more closing curvature. To distinguish whether it is a “6” or “8” one needs to look closely.
l) Across all the indicators, the option to chose colour is limited to only the main indicator line. For the other relevant lines, the same option should also be provided.
m) Have observed candle labelled 0900 hrs ; which price point does this represent
n) Pl check Renko, P&F charts. The price as per the bar / box and the actual price does not always tally (diff is more than the width of the box).

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