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Surinder Kumar commented on 30 Mar 2015, 09:53 PM

Dear Zerodha,

I am using Pi from about 10 days. Today, I have installed latest version (as per your mail). The software is indeed coming as excellent. The Speed and connectivity are good.

Following are my comments. Please take these constructively.

1. Chart Templates – save and apply. When I save the chart template, it opens folder at my desktop. However, when I apply chart template, it opens installation directory. Please make these same, preferably “/Chart Templates”

2. Once I open the chart and apply template, there is no way to save something as “Default Template”. So every time I open a chart, I have to apply template.

3. I am not sure in today’s version. But this comment is from previous version . First, my thinking was that we can not change the trigger price in a cover order. However, I have realized that though this can be changed, but not beyond the trading price. For example, suppose I am long in Bank Nifty at 18300, and placed SL of 18200. Now as the price moved in favour of my trade, I moved my SL to 18250 and the to 18300. This was allowed. However, when I changed it to 18350, there was no message as such, but the trigger price did not changed. Please allow this as well. (This was not in NEST trader initially, but was added subsequently.)

4. Could not find “Basket Order”

5. Unable to change the thickness of technical indicators on chart.

6. This is something which is desired. When I have opened a chart, is it possible to change the interval and/or script – in the same chart.


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