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rajeshgan commented on 06 Aug 2013, 01:23 PM

Thanks Carnot,

1. What type (make/model/specs/etc) are used by you for the following – Laptop / Desktop / Mobile
[Rajesh] I use a Dell Latitude E6410 laptop and use Samsung Galaxy Tab2 as the mobile device.
2. What type of internet connection (broadband/2G/3G/etc)
2a. Which company for intenet connection (Idea/vodafone/Airtel/MTNL/etc
2b. What type of internet plan (unlimited/limited/etc)
[Rajesh] I use broadband of airtel unlimited and also airtel 3G
3. Which company / service for data feed (tick or 1min data)
[Rajesh] Though most of my positions are closed within a single day, I am not a day-trader in the traditional sense using 1 min data and charts. I use the live proprietary system developed to track OI and IV skew defined in my website
4. Which software for charting and technical analysis (Amibroker/Metastock/Metaquote/etc)
[Rajesh] I use Fcharts PRO and use proprietary scripts to upload data. Most of the analysis is based on EOD charts, levels, traps and research is to select the right day for placing the trades. During the day the live Option system and price levels are used for timing the entries.
5. How do you maintain overview of your positions when on the move (travelling by rail or road/out of city/holidaying/etc)
[Rajesh] At any point in time, I do not have more than one or two option positions open and make sure that there are no positions open while I cannot track the markets using my mobile.

My best wishes to you!

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