Comment on Cover Orders - For Higher Leverage

pinakmithaiwala commented on 04 Aug 2013, 08:48 PM

If I Place A CO Order For Below,
Reliance Current Prize:900 I Buy at 900 and Put SL 892… (Using CO Order)
My Target Prize is 930…and Stock Going Upword….
SO as soon as reach 930 i exit from the stock using orderbook pending sl order….
SO My Question is : when i exit from the stock it will be exited from current prize or high prize…

IF it is exit from Current Prize , which is going between 927 and 931,at which prize it will be sold…

if i want to set limit for the target prize which is 930 ….which is the best way to trade…..?

(ALL For MIS only)

THank You….

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