Comment on Software Engineer up 400%

Pawan_Arora commented on 04 Aug 2013, 06:02 PM

Hello Abrar,

Thanks again. My answer to your questions:

1) From Last 4-5 years I am only watching Nifty charts, So right now no plans to go to some other instrument, and moreover one of the reasons to trade full time was that I can spend more time with my family after 3:30. If I start doing Commodities/Currencies – I will have to trade till 11:00 PM, which I don’t want. Nifty is very liquid, Scaling is not the issue so I can always increase the size in nifty whenever I need to.

2) I wont get into the minute detail, But For me one month performance doesn’t matter, because I know that 2 days of trending days can compensate the whole month of small-small whipsaws.. In fact this Jul series is one of the worst month for me, where we have seen 2-3 times, 100 -100 points of gapdown/gap ups against the swing traders due to Dollar/Rs related news/rbi actions. Profit wise April -2013 month was the best for me.


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