Comment on Pi Bridge for Amibroker

Kirrick commented on 13 Mar 2015, 09:49 AM

Hi Nitin,

I have been testing my strategy live using PI Bidge last couple of weeks. Some of the challenges summarized below:
1. My strategy is live (entry) during first 40 mins. Actually its first 20 mins. During which lot of orders are fired one after the other sometimes around 20 within a minute time.
2. When the order gets populated on the Generated alert window, I keep clicking buy or sell. One of the pain point is its takes some time for this order window to come up and by the time I come to the 20th order more than a minute would have lapsed.
3. Due to this there are lot of slippages and tried to minimize this by cancelling the order confirm window and also voice msg. But still slippage is high for my kind of strategy.
4. Following are some requests:
Can the Buy/Sell window pop up faster.
Is it possible to keep a check box next to Buy/Sell button on selecting that order gets fired immediately.
Is there a possibility in future that PI supports direct order placement from Amibroker like a dealer terminal ( of-course after NCFM certification).

These are really critical points for me or any traders whose frequency of trading is high.


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