Comment on Pie chart on Q for quick Overview

ElegantTrader commented on 10 Mar 2015, 08:37 PM

Thanks Nithin for the reply. I’m sorry I could not check this until today. However, its even worse today, as I’m unable to see any of my positions, neither does filtering by Stock code work. :(. I did a Ctrl + Refresh, I tried clearing cookies, I tried a different browser and the incognito mode, nothing works. Screenshot’ed here.

I agree data migrations happen, but wiping out the entire positions (on display) to make your data migration happen? Is this for real?

I’m myself a lead developer with one of the giants in retail brokerage and if this were to happen at my firm, we would have been hit with a zillion lawsuits by now! I’m seriously at a loss of words to understand this. I think you need to sit down with your tech folks and haul them up. I’m sure its not the first time the tech group has messed with something.

I totally understand things can go wrong in tech world, but these minor irritants can be troubling. I login, usually once a week and when I do not have my holdings info readily avail, the only chance I have for the week is lost. If you think from my shoes, you will get it.


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