Comment on Varsity March 2015 update

Surinder commented on 10 Mar 2015, 07:28 PM

Dear Zerodha,

I started using Pi couple of days back. Please take my feed back as constructive, and not criticism.

Indeed this is coming up as excellent system. My comments are as under: (Some of these may be due to my ignorance. Please let me know).
1. Chart Templates – Save and Apply – The default folder shown while saving is in :User Folder”, while when I go to apply the saved template , it looks for in the installation folder (where pi has been installed). My preference is “Chart Template” folder in side the installation folder. In either case, please keep the same folder for saving and applying.

2. I had cover order. As the price moved in my trade direction, I tried to move the Trigger SL. Though it allowed me to do so. the trigger price (as shown in order book) remained the same. I am not sure, whether actually it changed the SL and it did not updated in the Trade book, or it was not changed at all.

3. I changed the column position, removed some of the un-wanted columns in “Market watch”, order book, trade book, admin positions etc. However, when I re-logged in next time, all my settings were set to default. Is there any thing I am missing?

4. Chart templates- a desired requirement – Can we change the interval and/or script of a chart without creating a new one.


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