Comment on Taxation Simplified

seenu.ii commented on 23 Jul 2013, 03:07 PM

Dear Nitin,

I have got few questions on tax filing.
I Do FNO trading regularly.

I got the ZERODHA FNO Profit loss report from zerodha support team. Is this report correct one to find out the turnover or any other facility available @ zerodha?

In this report it have following components.

Net Receivable : x
Net Payable : y
Brokerage : a
Turnover Charges : b
Securities Transactions Tax : c
Stamp Charges : d
Service Tax : e
SEBI Charges :f

So turnover = x + y – a – b – c – d – e – f . is it correct or turn over includes all a, b, c, d , e, f???

And, I bought few FNO contracts in earlier financial year before 1st april 2012 and sold in the april 2012.
I sold some contracts in this year before march 31, 2013 and bought back in the april 2013. so how do i adjust these contracts into 2012-13 financial year filing >???

And, I have deleted some of the contract notes got through mail. Is there any place to download these contract notes in the zerodha.

Please Clarify…

Best Regards,

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