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rsb1234 commented on 23 Jul 2013, 02:19 PM

First thing first when I was looking for my ideal brokerage firm, I spent several days comparing prices, services offered by several firms, I was looking for a firm with fresh ideas, kind to its customers, and then I came to know bout ZERODHA. I told to my friend Mr. Vinod Pathak but for many people its hard to work with a firm whose office they cannot visit and now they thank me for introducing Zerodha. They say if there were no platform like zerodha it was very difficult to stay in market. There are several things ie. pricing, nice customer support, great trading platform, which make Zerodha different from others and coming best brokerage firm in India.
Now what I want more from Zerodha : –
1. Very often nest plus in zerodha trader uses my trading id as nest plus login id and without any problem it works but some times it asks for nest plus id and password. If have not registered with my trading id how would I know the password?
Kindly check this.
2. If my internet connection fluctuate a bit I need to log off zerodha trader once then login again and in my area internet connection fluctuation is common. Kindly look after this.
3. I want chart in full screen (does it seem weird ?) and and I would be grateful if I could place order just from the chart window without going to market watch and ctrl+tab option is must to move to different windows of zerodha trader.
4. Whenever I reset my android mobile, reinstall zerodha mobile it gives message : – device details are changed contact system administrator. I need send mails requesting or calling customer care I never came across this kind of behavior from a mobile application in my life.
5. I want mobile software to work like Metatrader mobile application (slick, light, real time charts, easy navigation through different windows of the application, net position changes without refreshing) if all these facilities were in mobile I never have to on a pc for trading, this I can use mobile application just to square off my position no technical analysis at all.
But above all I thank Zerodha for Its efforts,
Wish you to be no. 1 brokerage firm not only in India but in the world too.
just keep up the nice job.


Radhe Shyam

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