Comment on Get Hands-on with Zerodha Mobile

Hanan commented on 09 Mar 2015, 02:09 PM

Although I’ve answered to you personally by email, I’m sharing my answer with all so everyone is aware.

1. Yes, we’re working on Cover orders for mobiles. This should be out within the next month. Bracket orders will take a lot more time as they are much more complex in execution.

2. The original rationale behind giving AMO only for the desktop is that we presumed users used mobile only for live trading. We can have this enabled on mobiles in the next update.

3. Fund transfer facility from mobiles is still some distance away as we’re figuring out logistics with our third party service provider.

4. You have an option to enter a limit price and square off using the mobile. Once you go to the Positions tab and choose “Square Off”, you can square off by Limit if you choose “I would like to specify additional options” and then go ahead and put in your limit price. You can even change the quantity if you wish.

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