Comment on Software Engineer up 400%

Nithin Kamath commented on 23 Jul 2013, 07:54 AM


The idea behind this section is to introduce people who are profitable trading the markets and who are doing it by being consistent and not a few fluke trades that can get them there.
Yes, Pawan making 400% in 3 months may never happen again, no one can predict how much return a trader can make. What is important though is that he did outperform everyone else, by following system and rules. This definitely merits him to be acknowledged.
Today in the world full of tipsters who claim 99% accuracy and guarantee a million every week without any real account performance to go by, we will be putting forward in this section traders who are making real money in different styles. Today 90% of the retail end up learning wrong style of trading from people who are losing trading the markets. Our hope is that knowing what winners do, will motivate others to get there following the right rules.
How much returns is not something which is under our control, but following the right rules is, only if you know what the rules are. That is what we intend to achieve!!


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