Comment on Pi Bridge for Amibroker

CHOKS commented on 06 Mar 2015, 04:35 PM

Hi Kirrick,
If U still got Limit in Order dialog..Then U may try this..
since U want to Place order only in Market…
Then add/Subtract Price Slip of 0.5% of C to Ur Buy/Short Price…
i.e BuyPrice = Lastvalue(valuewhen(Buy,C) + (C*0.005),1);
ShortPrice = Lastvalue(valuewhen(Short,C) – (C*0.005),1);
Thereby U R placing a Buy Limit Order with price Higher than 0.5% of Mkt/Ltp price and Sell Limit Order with price lesser than 0.5% of Mkt/Ltp price..
So Ur order gets executed with the available best Buy/Sell Price…
Placing a Order with Higher/Lesser price than Mkt/Ltp dosen’t have any effect if ur intention is to place a Mkt order
I Hope..this may temporarily solve Ur issue

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