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karthik commented on 01 Mar 2015, 05:11 AM

Hi Nithin,
hope u doing grt.. yup i’m on-board with zerodha now and really enjoying this 15 days. First, i want to share my experience in zerodha with fellow ‘RODHA’ breakers and may help newbie’s too.. 🙂
1.) ur Sales team is really good to take care of all the necessary procedures and actually one shouldn’t need to do anything than just read the documents and signed on places. That’s it.. remaining will happen @ ur end 🙂 but one thing I’ve to share here.. the days between trading account opened and demat account opening was around 10 days and that is somewhat frustrating to know whether everything going well or not.. so at-least ask ur people to send some mails regard what is happening?! cos now the people who are familiar with 3-in-1 account is coming to zerodha and seriously they have to face this kind of embarrass moment.. hope u get what i mean to convey you 🙂
2.)Actually first time when i put a call back request from ur website, man there is no response for next 48hrs 🙂 and even i too further start to consider other brokerage firms ( now there is no need to tell their names i think 😛 ) but my second instance told me to give an another try before finalize.. and the remaining is not a puzzle to guess. i’m here .. 🙂 so kindly make a note on this issue cos as a part of ZERODHA family, i don’t want you let any investor out .
3.)BIG thanks to ur technical team and their kindness for patiently listening queries (! now i smiled abt those childish questions 🙂 ) that i raised regarding trading platform. They really stand tall man.. but when i called the trading team to ask some questions that i really felt disgust with their way of approach to end call as soon as possible. yes as a discount brokerage firm i know your limitations in these HR issues but if she listened one time patiently then should make the answer in seconds.. especially the girl i spoken with made me really tense 🙁 see this kind of things make dark fade in ur gud woks too.. just address this as an issue.
4.)Finally i want to thank a person who is listening everything and addressing utmost possible 🙂 yes to u nithin.

okay now i’ve a question which seeks answer from u
i want to refer two more people from my family circle and i know that referrals and all.. but the thing i want to know is should i go for 2 trading acc.(each one) + 2 demat acc.(each one) or else just 2 trading acc. which can be linked with my existing demat acc. ?! if yes then will be any issue while calculating tax ?

Thanks in advance nithin
with regards,

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