Comment on Pie chart on Q for quick Overview

mishrau commented on 28 Feb 2015, 10:49 PM

NItin Ji,

First of all i really appreciate that you are active answering all queries here ..thats great .

I am a new user of Zerodha and mostly I prefer the web version which is really pathetic. As far as Z5 is concerned, that too is not very impressive as compared to the interfaces i have experienced in past .

Issue with Z5:

1. I can not use it in office as people notice it from very far. If there could be an option to change the background that would really help.

2. To sell stocks in BTST mode there is no simple way doesn’t show the profi/loss in same window .

3. Even if i use the Z5 , it logs me off frequently which is very annoying .

4. The initial login process is long …we have answer many questions etc… that could be avoided .

I have been using icicidirect for last 10 years and never had any issue with any thing …their interface and user friendliness is awesome …I know the brokerage is less but i guess the trade off is to have less usable interface and other problems. I am still very skeptical about my my future relatioship with Zerodha . I hope there will be a better experience in future .


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