Comment on Pre-market/Post-market/After-market Orders

Vinod Kumar commented on 26 Feb 2015, 11:20 PM

Mr Nithin
We had been using Sharekhan since 2008. Now I had opened an account for my wife with Zerodha after seeing various posts and comments from people about discount brokerage. But disappointed with terrible performance of the platforms. Web based platforms are slow. Everytime login with login password, Image, two security questions and every trade authentication with trading password is unprecedented.

Tell me where to see the actual profit made in a trade.
In Admin positions
if I buy of 100 shares of xyz at Rs 10. On the same day price moves to 15. Now unrealised profit shown is is Rs 500. Now if the share closes at Rs 15.
The next day if the share is running at a price of rs 16, the unrealised profit shown is (16-15)*100=100, whereas it actually should be from my actual cost incurred. ie. (16-10)*100=600.

My wife’s account is yet to get enabled for Pi. I do not know whether Pi got better features as Sharekhan’s Trade Tiger terminal. Sharekhan does not apply any cap of balance in account to give the services of TradeTiger.

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