Comment on Pi Bridge for Amibroker

CHOKS commented on 25 Feb 2015, 09:34 AM

Hi Anantha Raman,

Pi bridge is just a link between Amibroker and Pi terminal.It enables the Amibroker (Charting Software) to communicate to Pi terminal.Pi bridge’s sole purpose is to fire orders to pi terminal from amibroker whenever u get a signal in amibroker.If Pi bridge is not there, then whenever u get signal in amibroker,u have to switch to Pi terminal and manually enter the order details and place the order which is time consuming.But with Pi bridge,U have ur order details prefilled and just u need to confirm the order.To use amibroker, U need to subscribe data from any authorized data vendors.Pi is Trading terminal just for Trading (With Advanced Features), It’ll not provide U data for amibroker.Amibroker can be feed with data by many ways, and Nest2Ami is one of them..

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