Comment on Get Hands-on with Zerodha Mobile

Zubair commented on 21 Feb 2015, 08:53 PM

Dear Hanan/Nitin;

I had a specific concerns which i would like to clear myself, i use to do frequent trading in F&O. currently i am having a trading account with HDFC which i am planning to swift to Zerodha, but there are few queries which i would like to clarify from your side.
1. I am traveling frequent as a result of which i use to do trading in F&O through my mobile through Mobile APP. now if i shift the trading portal to Zerodha, in that case how easy i could be abale to trade through mobile, what i have read here that Mobile trading is easy in Android but just to inform you i am using Iphone with IOS. How that would affect my trading in F&O
2. Also i had read some where that Market Watch is not been Live, it needs to be refreshed to get the updates. is that been solved in IOS
3. I am using IPhone 4. with 10MBPS mobile data plan. Is that compatible with the Mobile apps to run smoothly without interuption
4. What’s the new improvement currently in progress whats expected in the coming months for IOS users.
Could you please through lights on the above points


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