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dineshAI commented on 09 Jul 2013, 10:44 AM

Thanks for reply. Please find my detailed setup.
Setup : I have developed a C application which process EOD and IEOD of past several years. Then it takes live OHLC data of same script
say NIFTY Spot and once NIFTY spot reaches a certain prices application tells me to buy or sell.

now i have below requirement. Please tell me which one you can provide, and in what shape and what will be the charges associated for each service.
1. How can you provede OHLC data of at least 2 scripts (FNO) to my c application data all day long with out my internention.
2. My application runs on Spot price but i can only trade in FUTURE. so can this be automated like when spot reaches at a price future is automatically
executed at market price.
3. suppose execution may not be fully automated as i am not a certified broker. but suppose i manually put a trade then can i change its stop loss automatically
using some API, script or any other automated way.
4. Do you provide any mobile plateform based solution ( android, Windows phone ) on which i can execute the trade.
5. Do you provide normal web based trading portal ( not Nestplus or now as these wont work through my office proxy) for simple trading and putting order and later modifying or canceling them.
6. Can you guys or any of your partner provide me IEOD for last 15 years for FUTRES ( not spot). what is the cost?

My Limitation.
1. I donot use Amibroker.
2. My processing application runs form my home a proxy free environment but now one will be there to do any thing totally automated. but can send me signals via mails.
but trades or any change in order i will have to do mostely from my office ( which has proxy)
3. I am not certified broker so fully automated might not be a possiblity for me.

Nice to have :
1. If my application shoots a mail to you guys for a change in stop loss can you guys do it immediately.
2. Do you guys provide sms alert if say nifty crosses at particular price.

Please answer line by line.
Thanks and Regards,
Dinesh Kuamr Sen

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