Comment on Pre-market/Post-market/After-market Orders

Nithin Kamath commented on 17 Feb 2015, 03:57 PM

1. Yes, you can.
2. You can use SL-M buying order. So in the above case, you can before hand use AMO orders to place a SL-M (stoploss) buying order with trigger of 210. As soon as the 210 price reaches a market order to buy is sent.
3. You can place an order with previous closing price on 16/2, but no guarantee that it will get executed.
4. Check this post for stoploss orders. . For short selling you just have to place a selling order first (similar to how you would buy). To short sell for intraday, use the product type as MIS. These orders will be valid only for intraday. Check this.
5. Yes, you can, but only till 3.20 pm.

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